My First Posting to PlanetEclipse

Thanks to David Carver and Chris Aniszczyk. I’m now blogging in order to feed my postings to PlanetEclipse. Hopefully the students will follow suit.

I’m a computer scientist by training and I love being an educator. I teach programming at the School of Computer Studies, Seneca College, Toronto, Canada. Two professors, Chris Tyler and David Humphrey, spear-headed the open source movement at our college. Chris is involved with the Fedora community and David is involved with the Mozilla community.

For my professional development, I want to find out how to teach and learn open source development. Jordan Anastasiade, another professor here, is involved with the Eclipse WTP project. From January to April 2009, he has graciously allowed me to go alongside with his Eclipse WTP class such that I could have first-hand experience on open-source development. As suggested by Jordan, I blogged what I had experienced in this learning community as if I were a reporter on the field.

During the summer, we have a very small group of students working on the Eclipse WTP project.

I hope that my blog will let the Eclipse community consider what contributions that student-developers could make to the open source projects. I am amazed that the Mozilla community has already done some ground-breaking work in mentoring student-developers. Is the Eclipse community interested in welcoming inexperienced yet daring student-developers?



6 Responses to “My First Posting to PlanetEclipse”

  1. Madhu Says:

    Hello Peter,

    Welcome to the eclipse community!


  2. David Carver Says:

    Great to have you aboard. In answer to you question. The wst.xsl component in eclipse is willing to work with any student that wants to contribute to the various xsl and xpath toolin under the wst.xsl component in WTP. We’ll try to be responsive as possible. There are already a list of items and features that can be worked on.

  3. Peter Liu Says:

    Hi, David.

    Thanks for your prompt response. I will bring your offer to the students and Jordan for consideration.


  4. Peter Liu Says:

    Hi, Madhu.

    Thank you for welcoming me into the Eclipse community.
    I hope the students will experience this soon…


  5. Chris Aniszczyk Says:

    Hi Peter, welcome!

    At Eclipse, we are very welcoming towards students. At least we try to be 🙂

    From my memory, we do two things at Eclipse:

    1) Google Summer of Code

    We participate in the Google Summer of Code program. This allows students to be funded by Google and work on cool Eclipse projects.

    2) Summer of Code

    We have the SOC project at Eclipse which allows students to participate at Eclipse if they have a cool project idea

  6. Jatinder Singh Says:

    Hi Peter,

    It’s really good to see you moving along the class. As you already know that, I have graduated from the BSD program. I get bored during the evenings. I would like to contribute some time to the Eclipse community in bug fixing or developing plug-ins. If you are working on something excited, please let me know. I would like to be part of it.

    And I am hoping you are enjoying your summer with your family.



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