Eclipse WTP – Continuity Beyond a Course

The semester has finally come to an end. It’s interesting to note that two students, Davoud and Tahereh, have created a wiki page to reflect what the whole class has accomplished over a period of 14 weeks.They did it during their examination week.

I was inspired by a blog posting written by John Selmys, another professor at Seneca College. He was inviting all the ISA graduates to join the Fedora community. This makes me wonder: Now the course is over. How may our little Eclipse WTP student group @ Seneca develop continuity beyond a course structure? Any ideas?



3 Responses to “Eclipse WTP – Continuity Beyond a Course”

  1. Shelley Says:

    I’m thinking how to be involved in the discussion in Seneca WTP community. If there is some good way, please let me know.

  2. Peter Liu Says:

    Hi, Shelley.

    We’re using IRC to get connected this summer.
    Please read our summer course wiki. Here is the link:


  3. Davoud Says:

    Great idea, could be very useful; but Eclipse lacks required motivation to inspire continuity in contribution.

    It seems to me Eclipse has got out of hand, like the lost sheep maybe!? : )

    It’s admirable though how people like you try to make Eclipse and Open Source a better place.

    I hope my comments would contribute to the improvement…

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