Eclipse WTP – A Quick Fix on the Bug

I was doing a quick fix on Bug 256185 during this Study Week. The fix was way too quick for me and I doubted that it could be a band-aid approach. Thus I spent quite an amount of time on coming up with a diagnosis of the bug. I posted all my findings to the Bug Report. If I got positive comments from Valentin, the QA contact person, I could spend some time on investigating the bugs of some of my fellow students. Your detailed analysis of your bugs will help me to undertake this challenge…

Finally I want to give thanks to Angel Vera and Lawrence Mandel, the two speakers from IBM. Their presentations and practical remarks have helped me to come to this far. Also Valentin has given me very good support via the Bug Report and the wetools newsgroup. Now I feel enthusiastic about fixing more bugs as long as time permits.



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